Who are we?

The EBM AfricaFrance website is a project led by the Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa in collaboration iScientia InternationalCollège de la Médecine Générale.
Our objective is to provide African clinicians French general practitioners with independent, validated, up-to-date, relevant and easily accessible scientific information for consultation, with a view to improving the quality of care.

What information can be found on this site?

  • African national guidelines for malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and hypertension verified and validated by regional Cochrane centers
  • WHO evidence-based guidelines for malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and hypertension
  • About 1000 guides to good primary care practice (EBM-GUIDELINES produced by Duodecim, Finland), translated into national languagesFrench and some adapted to the AfricanBelgian context).
  • Approximately 4000 summaries of the evidence in English

Links to critical analysis summaries of Minerva's articles
Coming soon: good practice guides from the HAS and other French resources!
The EBM AfricaFrance website is based on the "EBM- GUIDELINES" collection, produced by the Finnish medical scientific society Duodecim.
This is a collection of approximately 1000 good clinical practice guidelines oriented towards primary care.

Information about guidelines

What are the reasons for choosing the EBM Guidelines collection?

  • The guide development method, accredited by the British NHS
  • The number of topics covered
  • The specific orientation of primary care
  • Regular updating of information
  • The existence of a French version thanks to the work of our Belgian colleagues (IVS, Ebpracticenet)

EBM AfricaFrance is currently putting Finnish guides online, some of which have been translated into local languagesFrench and some of which have been adapted to the Belgian context. In 2019, some of these guidelines will be adapted to the African context or replaced with national or WHO guidelines.
From 2018: the guides will gradually be adapted to the French context and French recommendations will be integrated into the database (working in partnership with the HAS).

Our partners

    In Africa :
  • eBase
  • Cochrane Nigeria
  • Cochrane Francophone Hub
  • Africa Evidence Network
  • Ministery of Health Cameroun
  • Ministery of Health Nigeria
  • Ministery of Health Rwanda
  • WHO Afro
  • Funding agency
    In France :
  • The Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie (CNAM) is the founder of the project
  • The High Authority of Health (HAS) is a partner for the integration of French recommendations into the site
  • In Europe :
    • EBMFrance.net
    • Duodecim: Finnish medical scientific society producing the EBM Guidelines series.
    • IVS: Belgian IT company supporting the project and translating the guides into French
    • Ebpracticenet: consortium of Belgian scientific organisations adapting the guides to the Belgian context.

Information Technology Partner

  • iScientia International : Belgian IT company supporting the project and translating the guides into French
  • Partenaires nationaux
    • Cameroon
    • Nigeria
    • Rwanda