About eBASE

Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa, is a multinational collaborative organisation with headquarters in Bamenda, Cameroon. eBASE is active in implementing charity and development projects with the use of best available evidence as well as providing consultancy services for development agencies, governments, and academic institutions. We also support organisations and academia with impact evaluation of projects.


Be the game changers for effective basic services – including health and education – using best available evidence and technology in Africa and resource challenged settings


eBASE mission is to make basic services, health, and education especially, more effective using best available evidence and technology across the evidence ecosystem in resource challenged settings.
At eBASE, we use mHealth technology to promote global health, research and getting research into practice for policy makers, clinicians, and healthcare consumers. eBASE seeks to make basic services more performant through quality improvement, equity and use of best available evidence in practice and policy in resource challenged settings.
eBASE uses community participation in its projects to promote systematisation, ownership and sustainability.
eBASE uses arts approaches to facilitate community education and sensitization within the African context.


Innovation; Evidence based; Community Involvement & Performance Website: www.ebaseafrica.org